A Rescued Teen Slut – Quality Erotic and sex stories

A Rescued Teen Slut – Quality Erotic and sex stories

My wife and I were on a small vacation at a Hotel in Daytona Beach in Florida. It was the off-season so we could save a little money and we prefer it when the h

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My wife and I were on a small vacation at a Hotel in Daytona Beach in
Florida. It was the off-season so we could save a little money and we
prefer it when the hotels and other places are not so packed with people.

Before I get into the story I should tell you that my wife and I are
what you might call `good Samaritans’ we’re always ready and willing to
extend a hand to help someone in need. My wife is especially attuned to
those in need and we’ve even pulled our car over to try to help people just
walking down the street, if she felt that they were in need.

Something like this happened on our vacation. We had just pulled into
the hotel parking lot when my wife spotted a young girl slumped over in the
corner of the parking lot. It was quite cool that night and this girl had
on a short skirt with some sort of tights underneath and a tank top. She
was shivering. I went in to check in and when I returned my wife was knelt
down with the girl talking to her. I unloaded our bags into the luggage
cart and wheeled it over to the women.

The girl had despair written all over her face along with smudges of
dirt and tear tracks. “Honey, this is Becca,” my wife tells me, “she has
no place to stay, her parents kicked her out several days ago and she’s
been trying to make it on her own.”

My heart felt sad for this young girl, but I was really looking forward
to spending some time alone with my wife. I started wondering what my wife
had in mind. Maybe she just wants me to give her some money, or drive her
somewhere in town to stay with friends…

“I told her she could stay with us a few days in our hotel room”

I was shocked and was about to speak my disdain when both my wife and
this little girl looked up and gave me the puppy-dog eyes that always melt
my heart. She was filthy, but kind of cute what I could see. She had dark
eyes and sort of a chiseled Greek face. What could I say, I couldn’t be
mean and leave her out here. I also couldn’t hope to enjoy my weekend with
my wife angry at me for abandoning this poor girl. “Well, okay then, lets
get inside before it gets any colder”

My wife leaped up and into my arms planting a passionate French-kiss on
me. obviously this was good for her but the kiss started a b***d flow to
my crotch that I’d never be able to take care of with our new house-guest.

When Becca lifted herself from the curb I got a better look at her. She
was about 13 to 15 years old I’d guessed – maybe a little older. Her
cloths were tattered and dirty, but partly out of design, it would seem.
These looked like the sort of outfits I’d seen at the neighborhood bus stop
each morning on my way to work. Kind of a trashy-sexy kind of style. I
followed be hind the ladies with the luggage cart taking in more of our new
friend. She had long legs and a very cute tight ass that swayed gently as
she walked into the hotel.

In the elevator I took my place on one side of the cart with the ladies
on the other. My wife was studying her and chatting about having some
clothes for her to wear while we washed hers in the hotel laundry.

In the room they continued to chatter, ignoring me all together as I
unloaded the cart and put out clothes in the dressers and closet. My ears
piqued when I heard my wife tell to undress and jump in the shower. I
carefully lifted my head enough to catch a glimpse of Becca removing her
tiny tank top through the mirror. Both girls had nearly forgotten I was in
the room and didn’t notice me watching. Becca had little tits, barely A
cups I would guess. But they looked nice. Nice and firm with tiny teen
nipples. My wife’s nipples had gotten quite large after breastfeeding our
three c******n years ago. I liked them big, but these… these took me
back to high-school. I liked these a lot back then.

My view was blocked when she dropped her skirt and tights and then they
both dashed into the bathroom. I startled them a few moments later when I
stuck my head in and told them I was returning the luggage cart. This time
I caught a glimpse of the girl’s tight white bottom. But didn’t linger too

On my way back up the elevator I considered getting off on the floor
with the pool to relieve myself with a private jerk-off session. But,
before I could reach the floor button a family boarded the elevator with
me. They were a young family with a little girl about six or seven years
old. The girl was sound asleep on her father’s shoulder. My gaze, however
caught her father’s hand on her little bottom. Not just supporting her
weight but it seemed like he was kneading it a bit. Squeezing her but

I was so worked up from my wife’s kiss and checking out our guest that
watching this guy fondling his c***d’s ass completely made me forget what I
was doing. I missed the pool floor altogether. When the elevator stopped
I noticed it was my floor and slipped out leaving it to the groping father
and his wife.

My cock was really getting worked up at this point and I was hoping that
the girls would be done in the bathroom so I could get some relief. What I
found instead only made things worse. I entered the room to find a naked
Becca toweling off her hair in front of the full-length mirror. My eyes
darted around the room looking for my wife. I was panicking and not
knowing what I should do; turn and leave the room or cover my eyes and
apologize for coming in on her like this.

“Hi, Carol is still in the shower,” Becca started telling me, “she
wanted to wash her hair after she helped me with mine. She’s so sweet.”
Then she dropped her towel on the bed and walked toward me. “You’re both
so sweet to take me in like this” and she wrapped her arms around me and
hugged me deeply.

My mind was swimming. Here I am in a hotel with a 15-year old naked
girl hugging me close to her teenage body while my wife was six-feet away
taking a shower. And, wait!, did she say that my wife had helped her take
her shower? Visions of the two of them naked and soaping each other up
filled my head and supplied even more b***d to my other head as well. My
cock leaped in my jeans and Becca must have felt it. She slowly released
her arms and pulled her head back to look at me, while continuing to press
her hips against mine. My cock flinched again and she smiled at me.

We stood like that for nearly a full minute when we heard the shower
turn off. Becca darted in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and moved
away to the dressers. I stood and watched, still stunned from the close
encounter, as she slipped on a sexy pair of my wife’s panties and one of my
tee-shirts. Then she plopped down on the bed and turned on the television
just as my wife emerged from the bathroom. Since I was standing just
inside the doorway, my wife assumed I had just walked in. but that didn’t
stop her from glancing around the room to find Becca dressed and flipping

Carol planted another deep kiss on me and she felt my cock flinch
against her leg as well. Then she reached her hand down and clutched my
cock through my pants and said, “she’s so adorable, isn’t she? And her
body is so tight and yummy” then she told me to go get washed up, but not
to stay in there too long. “we have a guest and we should feed her.”

I slipped into the bathroom and nearly broke my belt buckle trying to
free my aching cock and just as I was starting my first stroke, my wife
calls from the room asking me to order room service, and how to order a
movie on the TV. A man’s work is never done so I tucked my throbbing cock
back into place and exited the bathroom.

“Here honey, put on some shorts and get comfy” my wife said as she
tossed my flannel shorts to me and plopped herself on the bed with Becca.
They both watched me standing there not knowing what to do. My head said I
should slip into the bathroom to change but both of their eyes suggested
that they wanted me to change right here. I glanced at my wife and she
nodded an affirmative so I unbuckled my belt and slide my jeans off. I
stayed hunched over to try to hide my erection and reached for my shorts on
the dresser. “take off those undies Dohney, you’ve had those on driving
all day.”

I didn’t even look up, I was growing embarrassed having them watching me
undress. So I cheated and turned sideways, slipped my underwear off and
the flannel shorts on in one fluid movement. I heard chuckles from the
bed. Still refraining from looking directly at the ladies, I slid along the
bedside and took a seat with my back to them and started dialing room

Things settled down while we waited from room service to arrive with the
girls flipping channels as I sat with my legs crossed thinking about
car-parts and trimming the hedges instead of all of the sexual images
bombarding my head. It didn’t work very well though. Every now and then I
would glance at the ladies on the bed acting like they were long time
school friends at a sleep-over. My wife was dressed the same as Becca with
a very thin tee-shirt and panties. Her large nipples tenting the thin
fabric every time she would lean back. They flipped through the network
channels giggling and commenting about how sluty that girl looked or how
cute that guy was. It was like having two nearly naked teenage girls in my
hotel room. Not a bad fantasy at all.

My wife and I had kept our sex life fresh over the years by including
fantasy role-playing every now and then. Because she is such a small woman
at 5ft and 115 pounds the role-playing often included her acting the part
of a girl. Some of my favorites were the student and the teacher, and the
girl home alone when a service guy comes to the house. She was always good
at putting on that innocent face and acting like she didn’t understand why
I wanted her to put my cock in her mouth.

The look on her face now, bouncing around on the bed with Becca,
reminded me of our last role-playing time when she played the young girl
getting her first gynecological exam. What made that the most fun was how
ticklish she pretended to be. Now she was acting ticklish with Becca as
the two would take pokes at each other while they flipped channels.

Carol grabbed the remote and flipped to the pay channels. She quickly
dropped into the adult area and started watching previews and trailers of
some of the adult flicks. Becca and Carol got very quiet as the moans and
implied fucking action filled the room.

Just then came a knock from the door and a muffled male voice calling
out `room service’ from the hall. Both girls leapt from the bad and bolted
for the door. Maybe forgetting how scantily they were dressed, or maybe
they intended that. I was just glad I didn’t have to get up as my hardness
was impossible to conceal at this point.

They stood aside and let a handsome twenty-ish man into our room with
two trays of food. It wasn’t until he had gently placed the trays on the
bed that he noticed the adorable young ladies in white tee-shirts and
panties hovering around him. He smiled glancing between them and
eye-balling their smooth legs. Then he caught sight of the tv and the
adult previews and finally at me on the bed. He handed me the bill to sign
and gave me a wink. The girls giggled while escorting him to the door and
did that teenage girl swooning after the door was closed.

Everyone was hungry so the playing died off while we ate. That is until
our guest dripped ketchup on her shirt, just above her nipple. “Oops” she
said as she spread her arms wide for us to take a good look at her tits. I
assumed this would get quite interesting as my wife reached for a napkin,
but I didn’t expect her to lung forward and lick the ketchup off the shirt.
Becca’s eyes rolled back in her head as she grasped Carol’s head and pulled
her closer. Carol and Becca tumbled back with my wife on top of the
teenager. I started grabbing up the food plates and moved them from the
bed. When I looked back Becca’s tee was up around her neck with her nipple
deep in my wife’s mouth.

They rolled and pawed at each other for several minutes with me just
watching and stroking myself through my shorts. No both shirts were gone
and Becca was working on Carol’s large nipples. Carol was stroking the
girl’s back and moaning. She really loves having her nipples sucked. She
looked up at me and crooked her finger to draw me nearer to her. I dropped
my shorts to the floor and brought my cock to her waiting mouth.

My wife is a master cock-sucker and can take my whole 9 inches without
gagging at all. That’s where I was, plunged deep in my wife’s throat when
young Becca looked up. Her eyes were wide and filled with lust as she saw
my balls pressed against my wife’s chin. As I slowly pulled out her eyes
grew even bigger as she saw how much cock I had stuffed in her throat.
When my cock popped all the way out Carol smiled at Becca and asked her if
she’d like to try it.

The next hour was a blur. Becca was a trooper, she tried and tried to
deep throat my cock over and over but couldn’t suppress her gag reflex. We
were a mix of hands, tongues, cunts and a cock that just didn’t want to

I came four or five times before the night was through; once on Carol’s
tit’s with Becca licking them clean, once in Carol’s ass doggy-style while
she was eating Becca’s pussy, twice while the were sucking me; Carol during
a deep throat and on both girl’s faces while they double teamed a blowjob.
The final icing on the cake was the last one where Carol had been licking
the young girl’s pussy and sliding her fingers in to prepare the girl for
my cock. It was only after she had four of her slender fingers working on
the girl’s cunt that she turned to me and said, “Daddy, I think its time
you give our little girl some of that cock and make her a real woman.” As I
lowered onto her tiny body Carol moved up and started kissing her and
fondling her firm breasts. I heard Becca moan into Carol’s mouth and my
cock entered. She pulled her face away from the kiss and looked deep into
my eyes and I pulled out a little and then pushed deeper. A mixture of
pain, fear and lustful abandon washed over her as I sunk in to the hilt on
my third thrust.

“Now you can take your time and enjoy your little girl friend” my wife
whispered into my ear as she rose from the bed. And I did. I slowly
fucked this little teen for a while before I scooped her up and rolled onto
my back. She didn’t lose a stroke as she began bouncing up and down on my
shaft. I was in fantasy heaven with my hands grasping at her tiny titties
while she rode up and down, up and down. In a few minutes my wife returned
from the bathroom and slide up behind Becca. She reached around cupping
her tits. I came for the last time that night when Becca turned and
started kissing my wife.

It was a night I will never forget. I never expected that rescuing a
young girl in distress could have such rich rewards.

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