I encourage and help, the houseboy to fuck my drunken wife – Quality Erotic and sex stories

I encourage and help, the houseboy to fuck my drunken wife – Quality Erotic and sex stories

I've already told you about the first time I watched my wife being fucked. That was by my boss when I was based in Europe, after a fairly drunken evening. She h

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I’ve already told you about the first time I watched my
wife being fucked. That was by my boss when I was based
in Europe, after a fairly drunken evening. She had no
recollection of the incident the next morning. Actually
that’s not quite correct, she knew she had been fucked
but assumed it was by me.

We spent several years in Europe but she stayed fairly
frigid, only really fuckable when drunk. I then got
transferred to our Nairobi office. I should really have
declined the posting and gone home. Wives in Africa are
always at danger from AA; alcoholism and affairs. My
wife already had a drinking problem but the free flow
of alcohol did mean that I was able to fuck her often.

One incident I remember, which I think you will enjoy
was when we had been out for a meal and a few drinks
one night, alone, and I had misjudged her input! By the
time I had driven home She was lolling back in the
seat, breathing strenuously, the alcohol fumes were
enough to make you c***e. She obviously wasn’t going to
get into the bungalow under her own steam. I shouted
for the houseboy and he came running out.

With his help I got her into the house. A shambling
drunken wreck, feet scuffing along the ground. We took
her straight into the bedroom and dropped her on the

The houseboy was going to leave but I told him to stay
whilst I got the missy ready for bed, and I asked him
to get a hangar out of the wardrobe for her dress.

I rolled her over and unzipped her dress down the back.
I rolled her back again and peeled the dress off
leaving her lying there in just her bra and panties. I
saw the houseboy look at her wide eyed, with one hand
rubbing his groin, as I handed him her dress to hang-

I had only asked him to stay to help me get her
undressed thinking of him as a inconspicuous servant
who was always there when he was needed, not a full
blooded male, who would get aroused by seeing her

The way she had been carrying on in the bar earlier
tonight, eyeing up all the other men, she had
obviously been looking for a good fucking before the
night was through. I knew that I was probably too drunk
myself now to do justice to her and in my drunken state
I suddenly saw a good way to ensure that she could have
the fucking she needed.

She was so comatose that as long as there was a stiff
prick taking advantage of her cunt I didn’t think she
would really know, or care, whose it was.

I maneuvered her so that she was lying across the bed
with her hips on the edge, her legs dangling over the
side. Her feet on the floor on one side of the bed and
her head on the other side.

I parted her legs and standing between them I reached
underneath her and undid her bra. I slipped the
shoulder straps off her arms and took it off. I
squeezed her nipples until they came erect. I went
round to the other side of the bed, and stood behind
her head.

I looked at the boy and his eyes were popping out. He
was drooling as he looked at her in wonderment. She was
lying there almost naked and his eyes were glued to the
shadow of her pubic hair and the moist patch in the
crotch of her panties.

I reached over the bed and slipping my hands into the
waistband of her panties, pushed them down just over
her hips. I motioned to the boy to pull them right off.
He looked at me in disbelief and I had to speak sharply
to him before he obeyed me and pulled them down over
her thighs and knees and let them drop onto the floor.

I reached over the bed and pushed my hand into her
pubic hair, parting her thighs slightly, and slipped my
middle finger into her slit. Her cunt was moist, warm
and ready. The boy was still standing there, by now his
shorts were bulging. I told him that I wanted him to
fuck the missy, his mouth dropped open and he didn’t
reply. I told him to drop his pants. He wasn’t wearing
any shorts and his erection sprang to attention as soon
as it was released.

I used both hands to spread her thighs wide apart and
pull them back towards me, lifting her buttocks off the
bed slightly to fully expose her pussy and open up her
cunt lips. Fuck her, I ordered him.

The boy looked at me to see if I was serious. I nodded.

He stepped between her thighs and I spread her legs
wider apart for him. I watched as he parted her labia
with one hand, placed his phallus at the entrance to
her vagina and then, with one thrust, sank his member
deep inside her cunt.

I watched, fascinated, as her pussy lips moulded
themselves around his penis and opened and closed
around it as he worked in and out.

He had no finesse.

He simply closed his eyes and powered to and fro
sinking his erection farther into her with every thrust
until finally he was up to the hilt.

His movements got faster and his stomach thwacked
against the backs of her thighs as he drove into her.
Her cunt lips expanded and contracted with a squelching
sound as his tool rammed in and out and her juices
flowed out. His breathing got faster and faster and
finally he slammed himself hard into her once, twice,
three times and then stayed inside her.

He gave little convulsive jerks and I knew he was
ejaculating the last of his cum deep up inside her. I
hadn’t thought to give him a condom to wear. He slowly
withdrew and his prick, now small and flaccid, plopped
out of her.

Her cunt lips closed and some of his cum was f****d out
through them and rolled down on to her inner thigh.

I told the boy that he mustn’t tell anyone what he had
done and that maybe he could fuck the missy again one

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