The difficulties of fucking my wife – Quality Erotic and sex stories

The difficulties of fucking my wife – Quality Erotic and sex stories

Believe you me, I have thought of most things to get a good fuck from my wife. Drunk is good, there is some response from her then. I guess because she's relaxe

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Believe you me, I have thought of most things to get a
good fuck from my wife. Drunk is good, there is some
response from her then. I guess because she’s relaxed
and uninhibited. Unfortunately she doesn’t drink that
much these days, not like when we were abroad, when a
lot of the pictures and clips you have seen were taken.

There were some great fucks back then, the trick was to
get my wife home from a night out just before she had
gone over the top. A nightcap when we got home and she
fucked like a maniac. If I did misjudge it she would
often say to me when I helped her into the house, “If
you are going to fuck me, you had better be quick
before I pass out.”

hat was my cue to push her up against the wall, lift
her skirt, (or push down her trousers), slide her
panties down, spread her thighs and go to it!
Afterwards I would carry her into the bedroom and help
her to clean herself up, get fully undressed and go to
bed. Sometimes she had already passed out by the time
we got home and I would have to carry her into the
house and undress her.

Unfortunately, as I already said, she doesn’t drink as
much these days. I have thought about using something
like valium to relax her, or a date r**e d**g, but I’m
not sure how I would get her to take it nor if it would
be effective.

I must be honest and tell you that the times my wife
had passed out by the time we got home I did enjoy
undressing her and putting her to bed. I used to put
her on the bed and then go and get myself a nightcap,
lock up the house, and get myself ready for bed.

After undressing her I would spread her out on the bed.
As you said there was always a temptation to squeeze
her boobs and finger her cunt. We kept a candle in the
bedroom , for use in power cuts, and sometimes I used
it as a toy. Other times I would turn her over and
indulge in some anal ‘foreplay’ but I never dared to
give her an anal fuck because even if she didn’t wake
up then she would almost certainly know about it in the
morning. Sometimes when was fingering my wife she would
stir and react.

I always took that as an excuse to fuck her. I didn’t
normally fuck her when she was passed out, it seemed a
bit close to necrophilia to do so, I did like some
reaction from her even if it was drunken resistance.
Whenever she had passed out before we got home she
always asked me in the morning if I had fucked her.
After your attentions I guess she wouldn’t be in any
doubt! If she was really passed out I used to enjoy
kneeling over her and masturbating on to her boobs.
Actually I still do enjoy that!

With my wife I normally just use my fingers and
manipulate her into lewd positions although I did once
fuck her cunt with a candle. It was a new ornamental
shaped candle. I cut the wick off and then worked it
very slowly into her cunt, twisting it round to get it
well lubricated. Once it was well wet I fucked her
quite steadily watching her cunt lips holding it firm.

She has a big can of hairspray that has a dome shaped
cap. I would love to work that into her cunt and see it
being stretched a bit. I would need to tape the cap in
place, just in case. I’m always worried that she will
come too when I am playing, that’s why I mentioned
drugging earlier, although I always shake her shoulders
and shout at her to make sure she is well out of it
before I start anything. On a few occasions she has
roused a bit and mumbled to herself as I carried on
using her. She never remembers anything in the morning.

I did think that maybe sedative suppositories were the
answer, you could stick one into her butt hole whilst
undressing her and by the time you were ready to play
she would be securely asleep! There are some called
pentazocine but they are prescription drugs. On the
other hand I think you can get phenergan suppositories
from the d**g store and one day I might pluck up
courage to try them out.


I was doing some shopping today thinking about the
aerosol can and keeping my eyes open. Women don’t
really need to buy dildos! Looking at cosmetics,
deodorants, sunscreens, hairsprays, the lot, so many of
them now have dome caps. Long thin cans, short thick
ones, all sizes catered for. I daydreamed for ages
looking at them.

There was a short fat deodorant can which would open up
Sue’s asshole for you quite nicely. I guess that the
best way to use the aerosols would be either to smear
the caps with KY or, probably better still, put a
lubricated rubber over them That way the cap wouldn’t
have to be taped on. You know the more I think about
them the more I want to try them out. I found more
suitable items in the house.

I’m hoping to get to use one of my aerosol devices in
my wife before too long. I think they should open her
up and slide into her pretty well. I particularly want
to watch her cunt opening wider and wider around the
‘vitamin container’ the only problem will be if her
cunt sucks it right in and closes on it. I guess I
probably need to take a hint from the tampons and make
a hole in the base and thread a string through it so I
can pull it out. If I’m successful I will get a tube of
lube so that I can refresh the rubbers every time I use

We haven’t fucked since we came home but , with
reluctance, she has ‘held’ me and not very well! She
kept as far away from me as she could, when I tried to
lift her nightie up and put my hand on her cunt she
resisted me, and half turned away, with her hand behind
her to hold my dick. The only good thing about it was
with her back to me I managed to cum on the back of
her thigh, which annoyed her! After the comparatively
exciting time in Banff it is now back to normal.

My wife ‘held’ me again last night. Twice inside a
week, boy! That’s living! She lifted her nightie for me
this time so that I could finger her cunt. Just for
devilment I didn’t. I used my spare arm to hold her
close to me so that my cock was actually rubbing up
against her belly as I worked it off with her hand. Her
face was all contorted with disgust as she realised she
couldn’t get away.

She struggled but she knew what was coming and I
succeeded in making her pubic hair all sticky. In the
cold light of day I realise that I missed an
opportunity to actually fuck the bitch, it would have
been very easy to slide my dick into her. I’m glad I
didn’t all the same. Having offered me the chance to
finger her cunt she might well have enjoyed being
fucked instead she ended up humiliated and degraded
like she deserved.

I bet that’s the last time she volunteers to hold me
for a while. I will just have to take her hand and
force her to the next few times. I’ve no opportunities
coming up to get her drunk until my birthday at the end
of the month so it will just have to be f****d hand-
jobs until then.


No sex this week with my wife, she is giving me a wide
berth. I did masturbate, noisily, in bed one night but
she didn’t react except for moving to the far edge of
the bed.

When I realised she wasn’t going to come to me I slowed
down and took my time. I lay on my back and thought
about things I would like to do to my wife, slowly
working my hand sliding my foreskin up and down. When I
was ready to cum I rolled over and shot my load onto
the bed as close to her as I could.

Since she was virtually clinging to the edge of the bed
to stop herself falling out it meant that when she
turned back over into the bed she was going to have to
roll through my cum pool which would really disgust
her. I really despair at how sadistic I can be. One way
or another I will need to nail her again soon.


We have been asked out for a meal this evening so I am
hoping I might get somewhere with her later. I don’t
really mind if it is voluntary with her cooperation,
f****d, or unconscious as long as I get into one of her

A good night was had by all, well me anyway. Our friend
and his wife took us to a McCormick & Schmick’s fish
restaurant. We had a great meal with good conversation.
My friend did the job for me, he kept topping up meg’s
wine glass, a crisp chardonnay, and she got tipsy
fairly quickly. She was flirting outrageously with him,
much to his wife’s disgust. At one stage in the evening
I was anticipating a ‘wife swap’ coming up! I wouldn’t
have complained, his wife is quite a looker. It wasn’t
to be however.

By the time we got home it just took a couple of
nightcaps to push my wife over the edge. She is still
not co-operating with me and she wouldn’t let me help
her to get undressed. When she was standing naked by
the bed, fumbling under the pillow for her nightdress,
one slight nudge was all it took to have her sprawled
out on the bed. I spread her thighs, ignored her
protests, verbal and physical, and pushed my dick
straight into her cunt. The bitch was wet and hot, all
the flirting had made her ready.

After a few deep thrusts she stopped resisting and
began to respond. She got a good, hard, fucking and I
think she actually enjoyed it. I shot a good load into
her. I thought that might have some affect on her
attitude but she is still behaving coldly towards me
today, muttering under her breath about r**e.

Stupid cunt!

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