Heather sucks cock – Quality Erotic and sex stories

Heather sucks cock – Quality Erotic and sex stories

In the rest room, they all had drinks. Sue gave her another drink of the bitter potion she had had earlier, then washed it down with orange juice. In a few minu

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In the rest room, they all had drinks. Sue gave her
another drink of the bitter potion she had had earlier, then
washed it down with orange juice. In a few minutes she
began to feel her energy returning. Sue was very hot, but
restrained herself from letting Heather reciprocate here in
the room. She gently touched and patted Heather,
occasionally touching the didlo in her ass and giving it a
tweak or two. Once, she pulled it out over an inch and let
it go. Heather, jerked and her ass tightened as she pulled
it back inside. Sue led her over to a side room and closed
the door. Lifting Heather’s dress, she produced another
fat, short dildo and a waist chain and as Heather opened her
legs, slid it into her very wet cunt and attached the waist
chain, pulling a third chain down through and attaching it
to the asshole finger ring and the pussy dildo. Lowering
her dress, she instructed Heather to walk around the room.
As she did, the swing of her hips pulled at the dildos,
pulling them out slightly, then pushing and popping them
back in a rotating circle. In seconds, she could feel
herself get even hotter.
Sue led her back into the room and slowly walked her
around the room. The dildos were pushing in and out and
going round in rhythm and different directions, giving every
nerve in her ass and pussy almost constant strokes. Heather
began to groan and tremble. Her eyes were blurred from the
strong emotions rippling through her ass and pussy. She
tried to stop walking, but Sue guided her on, stoking her
ass and side. Hot come was flowing down her legs under the
long dress as she lubricated uncontrollably.
“Sue, I’m going to come right here in front of all
these people. Please let me stop. Oh, God. Unnnnn. Ungh.
Mmmmm. Ownnnnn.” She was about to go over the edge when
another woman came over and began talking. Sue was f****d
to let Heather stop walking. Heather’s eyes were glazed
over and her breathing was coming in short gasps.
The other woman was still talking. “Heather? It is
Heather, isn’t it?”
Heather’s head began to clear and the voice began to
come through. It sounded familiar. As her vision cleared
and focused, she realized the woman in front of her was her
art professor, Traci Henderson, from the college. She
suddenly felt embarrassed and nervous. She was standing in
front of one of her favorite people with her chest hanging
out, dildos up her ass and twat, hotter than shit and
struggling to keep from passing out from the sexual tension.
“I didn’t realize that students knew about this, well,
this place.”
“We, I mean, I didn’t. A friend of mine had an
invitation and she invited me too. I’ve come to see why
it’s kept such a great secret. Are you a member?”
Now the professor looked nervous and hesitated. “I
wouldn’t want anyone to know this, you understand, but yes.
I joined several years ago. I can’t afford to come often.
Pardon my pun! I meant come here often. I guess that’s an
oxymoron as well!”
“Well, I’ll never get a chance again, I’m sure, but I’m
having such a fantastic time, I’ll never forget this night,
I’m sure Sue will be sure of that.”
“Come along.”
Sue had begun to move her along and the dildos began to
work their magic again. In just a few steps she began to
find it hard to concentrate on what Traci was saying. Traci
was looking at her and from the trembles rippling through
her, realized that she was very hot and about to come. She
slipped one hand under her other arm and helped Sue support
She’d dreamed about sucking her wonderful boobs and
pussy. “Let me help you.” Traci whispered in her ear. She
barely heard her, her head was spinning as her cunt and ass
took control of her.
Heather gave a deep grunt and stumbled as she came.
Her knees buckled under her and only Traci and Sue kept her
from falling. She shook and moaned. Traci found a way to
fondle a breast as they held her. It was as firm and
desirable as her dreams had inspired her to believe.
Teaching with this girl in the front row each class was a
major effort of self control. More than once she had to
change her panties after class as she got hot and
Sue said, “Another movie is going to start, we have to
come along now.” Traci removed her grip reluctantly and
watched Heather walk away slowly, Sue in attendance.
Heather looked back and gave her a shaky grin, her hips
already causing her pussy and ass to pump and twitch as they
rounded the corner out of sight. Traci’s attendant took
her arm and they went off in the other direction. She
triggered the vibrator strapped to Traci’s cunt and clit and
before they reached the other side of the room Traci came.
Recovering and gaining her senses, she slipped a deft finger
up her assistant’ ass and they left the room, hips bumping
and twats soaked with come.

They returned to the booth and Sue carefully removed
the dildos from Heather, who had come again in the hallway.
Heather faced Sue and, very gently, removed her bra and
panties. She kissed her very gently on the lips and began
kissing her and rubbing her tits and side. Sue was shaking,
hot with desire. Heather worked each nipple and finally,
began sucking on each one, pulling it gently into her mouth
and running her tongue around it. They were hard as bullets
now and Sue was close to coming. Heather lowered herself
onto her knees and, kissing her way down her belly and to
the top of her bush, began to run her tongue into the top of
her twat and giving her clit a probe and lick. Sue cried
out, gasping each time Heather did this. Her head was back
and her back arched and she came. Heather held her pussy
against her mouth and continued to suck and probe. Sue
groaned and orgasmed again.
“Suck me honey. Gooooooood. Oh. Gooooood. Mmmmmmm.
Unnnnn. Unnnnnn. UNNNNNNN. Ungh Ungh Ungh.” She was coming
again. An entire night of servicing Heather’s hot pussy,
ass, and tits had worked her up hotter than anything she had
every experienced.
Heather finally guided her to a larger overstuffed
chair that had been placed in the compartment, and they
stretched out in it, intertwining their legs, chests pressed
together, heads together. They stoked each other as the
movie played, coming from time to time as the stoking became
more intense.
When morning came, they returned to the social room and
Heather was able to dress to leave. She gave Sue her
address and, against the rules, Sue gave her her’s. And with a
final, deep kiss for Sue, Heather, Janet and Jean left in the
early dawn. Back at the dorm, Heather collapsed and slept
twenty four hours. She dreamed about Sue.

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